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Bolger & Associates has earned a reputation for success in settlements and trials alike, and as an experienced federal and state attorney in Chicago, IL, Kevin P. Bolger can provide the aggressive defense you deserve. Thanks to this extensive experience and proven track record, the Bolger & Associates team is able to reduce the level of stress and costs for every client.

Kevin P. Bolger High-Profile Cases:

  • Operation Family Secrets
  • Flukey Stokes
  • Willie Lloyd
  • The Bridgeport Case
  • Elite Van Case
  • Marquette 10

Kevin P. Bolger Top Criminal Cases Results

Marquette 10

The federal government indicted ten chicago police officers from the 10 district. They were accused of taking bribes from two 24 hour a th day drug operations. The thirteen week jury trial ended after the government called 135 witnesses. Eight of the officers were convicted of all charges and sentenced from 10-20 years. Kevin’s client and his partner were found not guilty of half of the charges. Kevin’s client received a 7 year sentence and was eligible for paro;e after 2 years 8 months.


Flukey Stokes

The late Flukey Stokes was a alleged drug dealer and legendary gambler on the south side of Chicago. Kevin represented him and his “family” through the 1980’s. One member was actually his son Willie the Wimp. Wimp as he was known, was tragically murdered in a drug robbery. Flukey buried him sitting up in a cadillac coffin, which was popularized by the great blues artist, Stevie Ray Vaughn, recorded a song “Willie the Wimp & his Cadillac coffin”.

Flukey was charged with murder. After investigating the charges and interviewing the state’s star witness, Kevin presented a video of the witness recanting his entire testimony. The resulted in the dismissal of all charges. Flukey’s freedom was short lived. He was murdered a few months later by members of his organization.


Willie “Chief” Lloyd

Willie was the leader of the Vice Lord street gang. He was charged with kidnapping and torturing fellow gang members who were attempting to overthrow him. After a prolonged becnh trial ,he was found not guilty of all charges. As a result, Kevin was interviewed on the tv show American Gangster.


Bridgeport Case

Kevin represented one of the three young men who were charge with the attempt murder of a teenage black man who was brutally beaten in the bridgeport area of Chicago. This case drew national attention not only because of the crime, but the area was home to mayor daley. President Bill Clinton commented on the case. One defendant was sentenced to 8 years in the penitentiary, one felony probation and Kevin’s client received two years misdemeanor probation after the attempt murder was reduced to a misdemeanor battery.


20 Tons of Coke

Kevin represented a columbian national in Chicago’s Federal Court. He was charged with conspiracy to distribute 20 tons of cocaine. The government actually seized 4 1⁄2 tons of pure cocaine in one of his airplanes. The client was facing a life sentence and elected to cooperate with the government. Although the government was asking for 15 years, Kevin was able to convince the judge to sentence him to eight years, which Kevin was eventually able to reduce to 60 months.


Operation Family Secrets

Operation family secrets was a Chicago federal case targeting top organized crime figures from the Chicago mob. The majority of the defendants received 20 years or more. Kevin was able to obtain a 40 month sentence for his client, without cooperation.